Here, we look at the 10 matches where Zimbabwe have triumphed over India in the ODI format of the game. 

When Zimbabwe beat India

This was Zimbabwe's first win over India, beating them by 3 wickets at the Centurion. 

7 Feb 1997

This was Zimbabwe's second win over India, having secured an 8-wicket win over their opponents. 

15 Feb 1997

The third time that Zimbabwe beat India took almost a year to come, and the side won the match by 37 runs

30 Sep 1998

In Sharjah on November 11, Zimbabwe beat India by 13 runs, their fourth against the powerhouses.

11 Nov 1998

Zimbabwe secured their next win over India in 1999 May, beating them by 3 runs in Leicester.

19 May 1999

India were once again defeated by Zimbabwe, this time in December 2000. It was a closely-fought 1-wicket win in Jodhpur.

8 Dec 2000

Zimbabwe had to wait two more years to beat India. It was once again a 1 wicket victory for India, in Faridabad.

7 Mar 2002

In the same month, Zimbabwe secured another win over India, beating the side by six wickets in Kochi.

13 Mar 2002

Zimbabwe then won in 2010 by 6 wickets at home in Bulawayo, taking them eight years to win against India again

28 May 2010

2010 was the last time India were beaten by Zimbabwe at Harare by 7 wickets.

3 Jun 2010

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