Catches win matches!

The phrase 'Catches win matches' rang true after Arshdeep Singh dropped a catch that took the game from India!

When did it happen?

The incident occurred in the 18th over off Ravi Bishnoi's bowling after Asif Ali scuffed his shot and the ball fell into the path of Arshdeep.

PC: Twitter

Was it an easy catch?

For a player who is slowly being a team India regular, the catch that Arshdeep dropped was fairly simple as the ball fell into his hands.

How was his performance?

Despite the missed catch, his performance was better than the rest of the Indian bowlers. He conceded 27 runs and was given the final over as well. 

Reactions to the miss

Star Indian batter Virat Kohli said after the match, "Anyone can make mistakes under pressure. It is a big game and the situation was also tight."

Trolled by fans

After his dropped catch, fans were quick to jump on the trolling bandwagon and began massively berating Arshdeep and the other pacers. 

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Khalistani calls!

While the trolling continued, some of the Twitterati reportedly saw Pakistanis responding to Indians calling Arshdeep a Khalistani!

Wikipedia page hacked

In another unfortunate incident, his Wikipedia page was edited and all mentions of India were changed to 'Khalistan'.

PC: Twitter/@AskAnshul

What was changed?

The edited page said that Arshdeep was a member of the 'Khalistan' squad for the 2018 U-19 World Cup, and was also in the 'Khalistan' squad for the Asia Cup. 

PC: Twitter/@AskAnshul

IT ministry intervenes

Following the reports of Arshdeep's Wiki page, the IT ministry asked Wiki officials for an explanation on how the bowler's page was changed to reflect 'Khalistan'.