Cricketers who have played with physical disabilities!

Yuvraj Singh: Played and won the 2011 World Cup for India while battling cancer. He won and remained the Player of the Tournament.

Chris Gayle: He has a hole in his heart. Gayle found out about his ailment during a series in Australia in 2005.

Azeem Hafeez: Pakistani player who played with only two fingers in one hand.

Matthew Wade: The Aussie is colour blind. He has a difficulty in recognising colours.

Martin Guptill: He has only two toes on his left foot. Yet he is counted among the top fielders in international cricket.

Washington Sundar: This young Indian all-rounder is deaf in one ear.

Pat Cummins: The Aussie Test captain has a shorter middle finger in his right hand. Yet, he is the number one bowler in Tests today.

Charlie McLeod: The cricketer from the yesteryear could not hear with both ears.
He even lost his wicket once because of this.

Waqar Younis: This lanky Pakistani bowler did not have his little finger on the left hand.