James Anderson shines in every condition and here's a look at his country-wise performance. 

December 06, 2022

Sports Tak Staff

Let's take a look at James Anderson's wicket tally in different countries. 

Anderson has bagged 429 wickets in England, which is the most he has taken in a country. 

Anderson has bagged 68 wickets in Australia, which is his second-best tally in a country. 

In West Indies, Anderson has taken 36 Test wickets. 

In South Africa, Anderson has accounted for 34 Test wickets. 

In India, Anderson has bagged 34 Test wickets. 

In New Zealand, Anderson has bagged 26 wickets in Test cricket. 

In UAE, Anderson has bagged 22 wickets, while in Sri Lanka he has taken 18 wickets. He now has five wickets in Pakistan. 

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