Kohli's new restaurant

Former India captain Virat Kohli has brought something new for his fans as he has converted the bungalow of legendary singer Kishore Kumar into a swanky restaurant.

Bungalow turns restro

It has been learnt that Kohli has leased out the property for five years to open a new branch of One8 Commune.

Lavish restaurant

Kohli has opened this special restaurant in a posh location in Juhu, Mumbai as its pictures have also surfaced and has been doing the rounds of Internet.

What Kohli has to say?

"His songs have really touched me personally. The one person I would have liked to meet if they were alive, I would always say Kishore Da because he was just charismatic," Kohli said.

The foody Kohli

While sharing a video, Kohli said that food has been given the utmost importance in this restaurant which can drive people to visit the place again and again to relish their favourite food.


Kohli further said that the food here will be its specialty and people will get to tickle all kinds of taste buds.

The charm of Bungalow

Kohli has taken Kishore Kumar's Bungalow on lease for 5 years. The lavish look and interior of the bungalow are being greatly liked by the fans.

One 8 Commune

Team India's batting juggernaut and former captain Virat Kohli has named it One 8 Commune.

The star India batter is currently gearing up for the upcoming T20 World Cup which is slated to start from October 16 in Australia.

T20 World Cup 2022

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