India crosses threshold for special ODI record

Sports Tak Staff
January 16, 2023

Which are the teams that hold the record of most wins against a single team in ODI cricket?

Australia is number 10, having defeated Pakistan 69 times in ODI cricket.

India is number 9 on the list. They have defeated West Indies 70 times in ODI cricket.

West Indies is number 8. They have defeated Pakistan 71 times in this format.

Pakistan comes in number 7. They have defeated India 73 times in ODIs.

Australia is on number 6, having defeated West Indies 76 times in ODIs.

Australia are on 5th as well. they have defeated India 80 times in this format.

The Australian team is on 4th! They have defeated England 87 times in ODIs so far.

Pakistan is at number 3 on this list. They have won 92 times against Sri Lanka in ODIs.

Australia are still at the top, having defeated New Zealand the most 95 times in 50-over cricket.

But now, India has taken this record in its name. They have defeated Sri Lanka 96 times in ODIs.

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