Rohit-Rahul's blitz

Rohit and Rahul are Team India's specialist openers and have also stepped up when the team needed them the most.

50-Plust stands

Rahul and Rohit's opening pair has put up 50-plus stand 14 times in T20 Internationals and have scored 1319 runs together.

Kevin has scored 1506 runs in 109 T20I matches while Paul Stirling has scored 3011 runs in 114 matches.

Kevin O'Brien
Paul Stirling

Both the Ireland batters have put up 50+ stand 13 times and have scored 1083 runs together.

50-plus stand

Ireland's another opening pair is included in the list. Balbirnie has scored 1657 runs in 78 matches of T20Is while Sterling has scored 3011 runs in 114 matches.

Andy Balbirnie,
Paul Stirling

Andy Balbirnie and Paul Stirling have put up 50-plus stand 12 times as the duo has mustered a total of 871 runs together.

50-plus stand

Scotland's opening pair Kyle Coetzer and Harry Munsey have also featured in the list. Coetzer scored 1495 runs in 69 T20Is while Harry has scored 987 runs in 38 matches.

Kyle Coetzer,
Harry Munsey

Kyle and Harry have put 50+ stands 12 times as both the batsmen have mustered a total of 1042 runs together.

50-plus stand

Martin and Kane are often known for giving New Zealand a solid start. Guptill has scored 3497 runs in 121 T20Is while Williamson has scored 2096 runs in 77 T20Is.

Martin Guptill, Kane Williamson

Guptill and Kane Williamson have put 50-plus stand 12 times as they both have scored together scored 1068 runs.

50-plus stand

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