Net Run Rate, a decisive factor in game of cricket

November 5, 2022

By Sports Tak Web

In the T20 World Cup 2022, rain hindered a lot of matches due to which the mathematics of reaching the semis was decided by the net run rate.

From Group-1, England had a better net run rate than Australia which spurred them into the semi-finals and scripted the ouster of the defending champions.

Net run rate often plays an instrumental role in the marquee tournaments like T20 World Cup which involved more than two teams.

Many a times the game of net run rate has spoiled the chances of any team progressing in any tournament. Let's know how the net run rate is calculated.

The net run rate of a team is calculated by taking the average runs per over scored by that team in each game and subtracting the average runs per over scored against them in each game

If a team gets out in less than the stipulated number of overs, then its net run rate will be decided on the basis of its total number of overs, not on the basis of the number of overs the team played.

For example, in a match of 20 overs, if a team is bowled out in mere 17 overs but the net run rate will be calculated on the basis of 20 overs.

For example, India have played two matches and scored 170/5 in 20 overs and 160/8 in 20 overs. Also, 100 runs were scored against them in 15 overs and 150 runs in 20 overs.

In that case, India scored 330 runs in 40 overs i.e. its run rate was 8.325. The same 250 runs were scored against them in 40 overs i.e. the run rate against them was 6.250. In such a situation, India's net run rate becomes +2.075.

During the calculation of net run rate, only the matches that end with a result are counted which also include results derived from Duckworth-Lewis system.

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