A one-stop guide for every team's win/loss record in ODI World Cup history 

Sports Tak Staff
October 4

Australia have won 69, lost 23 in 94 matches played in ODI World Cup. 

New Zealand have won 54, lost 34 out of 89 matches played in ODI World Cup. 

India have won 53, lost 29 out of 84 matches played in the ODI World Cup. 

England have won 49, lost 32 out of the 83 matches played. 

Pakistan have won 45, lost 32 out of the 79 matches played. 

South Africa have won 38, lost 23 out of the 64 matches played. 

Sri Lanka have played 38, lost 39 out of the 80 matches played. 

Bangladesh have won 14, lost 25 out of the 40 matches played. 

Netherlands have won 2, lost 18 out of the 20 matches played.

Afghanistan have won 1, lost 14 out of the 15 matches played. 

Who has the fastest hundred in ODI World Cup history?

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