Since March 2020, India have played 77 international matches. Here, we see the players how who have missed the most matches in this time!

Rohit Sharma played 46 matches in 28 months missing 31.
Matches Missed: Test-10, ODI-12, T20-9

Rohit Sharma

Virat Kohli has played 50 matches in all three formats, missing 27 matches.
Matches Missed: Test-5, ODI-10, T20-12

Virat Kohli

KL Rahul missed 30 matches in all three formats. He could play only 47 matches. 
Matches missed: Test-15, ODI-2, T20-13

KL Rahul

Jasprit Bumrah missed 29 matches during this timeframe and played 48 matches. Matches missed: Test-5, ODI-6, T20-18.

Jasprit Bumrah

Rishabh Pant has played 53 matches, missing 24 fixtures for India.
Matches Missed: Test-2, ODI-7, T20-15

Rishabh Pant

Ravindra Jadeja has missed the most matches. He did not play in 41 and played only 36 matches.
Matches missed: Test-11, ODI-9, T20-21.

Ravindra Jadeja

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