The Asia Cup 2022 kicked off in style as five-time champions Sri Lanka suffered a humiliating 8-wicket defeat at the hands of Afghanistan on August 27.

Asia Cup '22 kicks off

In the very first match of Asia Cup, Sri Lanka's batting looked in lurch and collapsed terribly like a stack of cards to a lowly 105 in front of Afghanistan's disciplined bowling attack.

SL batters' flop show

Owing to a massive batting collapse, Sri Lanka entered the embarrassing record books as they lost six wickets between
7-15 overs and could score just 34 runs.

Embarrassing record

For the first time, Sri Lankan team faced such himiliation in the middle order of T20 International match when the Dasun Shanaka-led side lost 6 wickets after scoring just 34 runs in 8 overs.

Champions' flop show

The last time this happened with the Sri Lankan team was in the 2012 when their batters lost 6 wickets at the score of 42 against West Indies between 7 to 15 overs.

10-year-old stigma

Sri Lankan batters also have such embarrassing history against India in T20I. In 2017, Sri Lanka lost six of their batters after scoring mere 45 runs between 7 to 15 overs.

Same pattern with India

Sri Lanka team suffered the similar collapse against Australia. In 2017, Sri Lanka batters looked in complete disarray when they lost 6 wickets on 61 between 7 to 15 overs.

Collapse against Oz

श्रीलंकाई टीम को इंग्लैंड के सामने भी दिक्कतों का सामना करना पड़ा था जब साल 2006 में उनकी टीम के बल्लेबाज  7 से 15 ओवर के बीच 68 रन बनाकर 6 विकेट दे बैठे थे. 

English jolt

श्रीलंका की हार के बाद अब फैंस की नजरें भारत और पाकिस्तान के बीच होने वाले महामुकाबले पर है. जिसमें टीम इंडिया साल 2021 में मिली हार का हिसाब बराबर करना चाहेगी. 

भारत vs पाकिस्तान 

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