The Hundred's interesting cricket rules which you might not know about

All about The Hundred

The Hundred is cricket, but not as you’ve seen it before. Each team’s batting innings will last 100 balls and whoever scores the most runs wins the match.

A different cricket

When a bowler hits the stumps or a fielder catches the ball, the batter is out. Traditionally, this would be recorded as a wicket, but now the batter will simply be 'out'.

Interesting game

Individual bowlers can bowl a maximum of 20 balls in a match, in either five or 10-ball stints.

5-ball over

Each batting team is awarded a timeout of up to two minutes. During this time, coaches can brief their players, change tactics, discuss the state of the match to that point and how to approach the rest of it.

2-minute timeout

The fielding side will change ends every 10 balls.


Each team is given a 25-ball powerplay, allowing two fielders to stand outside of the close 30-yard circle during this time. This means they have a short head start in terms of positioning on the field.


Games last up to two-and-a-half hours. The team with the highest number of runs wins the match.

Time-bound game

With caught dismissals the non-striker must return to their original end, even if they crossed.

Unusual rule

In the group stage, both teams will get 1 point each for a tied match. In the eliminator and final, they will play a Super Over Five.

Super over five

If a team is behind the over rate, they will be allowed one less fielder outside the 30-yard circle. This will happen from the point the penalty is enforced.

Over-rate drama

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