Robin Uthappa announced retirement on Wednesday (September 14) from all forms of cricket which halted his 18-year-long International career.

Uthappa's words

Announcing his retirement on Twitter, Uthappa said,"It has been my greatest honour to represent my country and my state, Karnataka".

Heading 2

Uthappa played the first T20 World Cup for India in 2007 under the captaincy of Mahendra Singh Dhoni as India went on to lift the title.

World Champion

Robin Uthappa first won the IPL title for KKR while later he played for CSK in Dhoni's captaincy and lifted the IPL title for the second time.

IPL Champion

Let's know some of Uthappa's life's interesting facts. Had he not picked up cricket in his childhood, he would have been a hockey player.

Interesting facts

Uthappa's father's name is Venu Uthappa, who was an international hockey referee. Uthappa also used to play hockey but later he took up cricket.

Hockey referee's son

Robin Uthappa's father is Hindu and mother is Christian. Uthappa remained a Hindu till the age of 25, but in the year 2011, Uthappa and his sister converted to Christianity.

Religious conversion

To give wings to his career, Uthappa found a guru in Praveen Amre. Praveen Amre used to travel with Uthappa wherever he used to play.

Pravin Amre's support

When Uthappa was 10-year-old, he got a rare disease Epileptic Seizure which led to increase in his metabolism. Later, with the help of a nutritionist, the disease was cured.

Rare disease

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