Asia Cup is around the corner and Virat Kohli will be looking to come out of the lean patch and set the stage on fire. Meanwhile let's have a look at Kohli's stroke-wise analysis ahead of all important tournament.

Stroke-wise analysis

Virat Kohli, while playing Flick shot has scored 593 runs at an average and strike rate of 39.5 and 159.8 respectively. He has got dismissed 15 times which playing Flick shot. 


Kohli has scored 378 runs while playing his favourite shot, Cover Drive, at an average and strike rate of 94.5 and 153.7 respectively. He got dismissed thrice while playing Cover Drive.

Cover Drive

Kohli has scored 360 runs while playing Pull Shot at an average of 27.7 and strike rate of 170.6. He got dismissed 13 times while playing Pull Shot.

Pull Shot

Kohli has scored 306 runs while playing On Drive, at a staggering average of 102 and strike rate 144.3. He got dismissed thrice while playing this shot.

On Drive

Kohli has scored 280 runs while playing Off Drive at an average of 56 and strike rate of 141.4. He got dismissed five times while playing this shot.

Off Drive

Kohli scored 230 runs while playing Push On-side, at a strike rate of 97. He never got dismissed while playing this shot.

Push On-side

Kohli scored 185 runs while playing Inside Out at an average of 61.7 and astonishing strike rate of 336.4. He got dismissed thrice while playing this shot.

Inside Out

Kohli scored 178 runs while steering the ball, at an average of 89 at a strike rate of 118.7. He got dismissed twice while playing this shot.


While playing Square Drive, Kohli scored 145 runs at an average of 145 and strike rate of 161.1. He got dismissed once while playing Square Drive.

Square Drive

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