Amazing football stories
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The Story of football

Football was first played in China. The sport was first recognized in 476 BC. During that time it was not known as football but Kuju.

Football was invented in... China!

Although there are many football clubs in the world, the oldest is Sheffield United which was
formed in 1857. 

Fastest 150 wickets in One-Day International Match

The oldest club is in England

People could watch football on the field but there was no way to watch it at home. The sport was first broadcast live in the year 1937.

Football on TV

Football legend Cristiano Ronaldo is known for his game and hard work. He is the only player who has scored in every minute of the game!

A goal in every minute!

Football is mostly played in Europe and the South Americas. But the real winner is Pakistan. 80% of the world's football is produced in Sialkot, Pakistan.

Pakistan specialises in...

नीरज चोपड़ा पहला ऐसे भारतीय बने जिन्होंने ओलिंपिक में गोल्ड जीता. इस दौरान उन्होंने 87.58 मीटर भाला फेंका था.

2020 टोक्यो ओलिंपिक- गोल्ड

Players have to run continuously for 90 minutes. No one knows how much distance they cover during this time. A player runs an average of 9.65 km

The running beast

When Neil Armstrong of America first stepped on the moon, he also wanted to take football with him, but NASA refused to allow him.

A football on... the moon?

During a match in the Democratic Republic of Congo., lightning struck and 11 members of the team died. This is among the most tragic yet unknown instances of deaths during a football match

Death by lightening

Lajlo Kubala is a footballer with a unique record of playing for three countries! These countries are — Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Spain.

This player played for
three countries!

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