The morning of August 16 was very disappointing for Indian football fans. FIFA banned the Indian Football Association, the All India Football Federation.

FIFA suspends AIFF!

Due to this suspension, the hosting of the U-17 Women's World Cup to be held in India this year has also been taken away till the suspension is not lifted.

What are the losses?

A third-party interference in the AIFF is a gross violation of FIFA's rules. The suspension will only be removed when a new body is elected.

But what exactly happened

FIFA's Under-17 Women's Football World Cup was to be held in India from 11 to 30 October 2022, but now its hosting has been withdrawn and it has been shifted.

Will the U-17 WWC shift?

FIFA is in touch with the Sports Ministry of India, working on an action plan. The hearing of this case is to be held in the Supreme Court on August 17.

What can the Indian government do?

Former AIFF president Praful Patel, has been the president since 2009. His three terms of four years is the source of the whole controversy.

Who is Praful Patel?

FIFA wants elections to be held in the AIFF and the formation of a new association.

Controversy over no elections

The Supreme Court removed Praful Patel from the post of President for not following the order. Since then, the 2020 elections have not been held yet.

Supreme Court removes praful

The CoA handling Indian football due to a lack of elections. But FIFA says that no third party can join here. FIFA felt that India itself would take some action here but this could not happen.

FIFA-CoA rift

With this suspension, Indian men's and women's team will not be able to play any international match. At the same time, teams will not be able to participate in continental competitions.

The repercussions

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