FIFA World Cup 2022: The End of Stadium 974

December 12, 2022

Sports Tak Staff

For the FIFA World Cup 2022, host nation Qatar built eight new stadiums. Of these, Stadium 974 was special in its own right.

Seven Matches of World Cup 2022 were played in Stadium 974 but soon, this stadium is going to disappear. Here's why...

This Stadium was made from 974 different-coloured containers. 974 is also the international dialing code for Qatar.

Stadium 974, with its capacity of 40,000 was built specially to be dismantled after the FIFA World Cup.

This stadium was built on the banks of the Arabian Sea causing cool air and sea breeze to flow into the stadium and keeping cool.

It is said that by removing the stadium, its goods can be sent to Africa or Uruguay, who are trying to host the 2030 World Cup.

Stadium 974 is the first temporary venue in Football World Cup history. There will be a fashion show here on December 16, then it will be removed.

Stadium 974 was the only venue that did not have any air conditioners. All the matches took place after sunset.

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