Five reasons for Argentina’s win over Croatia

Sports Tak Staff
December 13, 2022

During the ongoing FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar, Argentina defeated Croatia 3-0 in the semifinals.

While Messi scored a goal in this match, he also grabbed an assist.

Young superstar Julian Alvarez also scored two great goals for Argentina.

Argentina's 4-4-2 Diamond  formation was a major reason for Croatia's defeat. 

With this tactic, the three players in Croatia's midfield were overrun by four players in Argentina's midfield.

Giving a penalty to Messi cost Croatia as he gave the team a 1-0 lead.

The Croatian players could not stop Julian Alvarez as he pushed their opponents back by scoring two goals.

Croatia's strong defence looked weak in this match and were dodged easily.

Croatia's star player Luka Modric was surrounded by Argentina, who did not allow him to attack.

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