In a massive blow to Indian football, FIFA on August 16 suspended the All India Football Federation (AIFF) due to 'third-party influence'.

Major setback

Let's take a look at some of the instances when FIFA banned or suspended its member nations because of third-party interference.


Iraq WAS suspended twice by the world's premier board for the sport. The first instance was in 2008 but the ban was lifted after a couple of days. 

2008 - Iraq 

In 2009, FIFA banned Iraq once again and this time, the suspension continued till 2010. 

2009 - Iraq

Nigeria was banned by FIFA on July 9, 2014, but the suspension was revoked nine days later. 

2014 - Nigeria

In October 2015, Kuwait was banned by FIFA. The suspension lasted for over two years before the country was reinstated in December 2017. 

2015 - Kuwait

FIFA banned Indonesia in 2015 after the government took charge of the footballing affairs. The ban was lifted in May 2016. 

2015 - Indonesia

Guatemala was suspended by FIFA in October 2016. The ban lasted for more than one-and-a-half years before being revoked in June 2018. 

2016 - Guatemala 

Pakistan was banned by FIFA in October 2017 but the country was reinstated in March 2018. 

2017 - Pakistan

After the Chad Football Association was dissolved, FIFA decided to ban the country. However, Chad was reinstated later in the year. 

2021 - Chad 

FIFA banned Pakistan for the second time in five years but just like the previous occasion, the country was reinstated soon after. 

2022 - Pakistan 

FIFA banned Zimbabwe and Kenya earlier in the year and the suspension continues. 

2022 - Zimbabwe & Kenya

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