El Salvador's Misael Alfaro is ranked 10th among goalkeepers who have scored the most number of goals. He scored 31 goals during his career.

10 | Misael Alfaro

Germany's Hans-Jorg Butt netted 32 goals in his illustrious career while playing for clubs like Bayern Munich and Bayer Leverkusen.

9 | Hans-Jorg Butt 

Costa Rica's Fernando Patterson scored 35 goals in his career that spanned over two decades. 

8 | Fernando Patterson

Brazil's Marcio, who made his debut in 2022 and retired and retired in 2019, scored 40 goals in his career. 

7 | Marcio 

Bulgaria's Dimitar Ivankov is the highest goal-scoring goalkeeper from Europe, having netted 42 goals in his career. 

6 | Dimitar Ivankov

Colombia's Rene Higuita, who is regarded as the most flamboyant goalkeeper of all time, scored 43 goals in his career. 

5 | Rene Higuita

Peru's Johnny Vegas Fernandez scored 45 goals in his 13-year career in professional football. 

4 | Johnny Fernandez

Mexico's Jorge Campos scored 46 goals in his career. 28 out of the 46 goals he scored came as a striker. 

3 | Jorge Campos

Paraguay's Jose Luis Chilavert was the first goalkeeper ever to score a hat-trick. He scored a total of 67 goals in his career. 

2 | Jose Luis Chilavert 

Brazil's Rogerio Ceni holds the record for scoring the most goals as a goalkeeper. H scored an astonishing 131 times in his career.

1 | Rogerio Ceni 

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