Sensational Serena

Let's take a look at how prominent personalities and sporting legends reacted to Serena Williams heading into retirement. 

Tiger Woods called Serena 'the greatest on and off the court' and thanked her 'for inspiring all of us to pursue our dreams'.

Tiger Woods 

NBA superstar LeBron James termed Serena's career as 'unprecedented'. "Win, lose or draw, we knew you were the greatest," James said. 

LeBron James 

Coco Gauff, who is known as Serena's heir, in a tweet said "Serena, THANK YOU. It is because of you I believe in this dream."

Coco Gauff

NBA legend Magic Johnson praised Serena by saying that she 'meant so much to every little girl, and even more to every little Black girl across the globe'. 

Magic Johnson 

Former first lady Michelle Obama, in a tweet said "How lucky were we to be able to watch a young girl from Compton grow up to become one of the greatest athletes of all time."

Michelle Obama

"Not just a tennis player, she’s been one of the most important athletes in the history of the sport," 23-time Major winner Rafael Nadal said. 

Rafael Nadal 

"I think I’m a product of what she’s done. I wouldn’t be here without Serena," four-time Major winner Naomi Osaka said. 

Naomi Osaka 

"She will go down as one of the best tennis players to have ever played, if not the best on the women’s side," Andy Murray said. 

Andy Murray 

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